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Vosseler Fly Reel Manufacturer and Shop Made in Germany

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In order for you as a fly fisherman to enjoy maximum fishing comfort when fly fishing, you need to choose a fly reel that fits perfectly with your fishing rod. Fly rods, fly lines, replacement reels, flies and fishing accessories Made in Germany from the online shop Vosseler have proven themselves countless times.

Vosseler fly reel

Selecting the perfect size

In every class and size, brand manufacturer Vosseler offers you a suitable fly reel for your fly gear in the fishing accessories category. Whether you buy the fly reel Black Fly Reel, Fly Fishing, The Reel One in blue or silver for your fly equipment: In the online shop Vosseler you will find the right fly reel - for freshwater and saltwater. As a beginner, a medium-sized fly reel is recommended. A large reel allows you to reel in the fishing line quickly. Large fly rods fly reels are little affected by the memory effect, so you almost do not need to straighten and/or stretch your fishing rods before casting. If you prefer fly fishing with heavy, long rods, large fly reels and spare spools provide a heavier counterweight for more balanced handling of your line.

Other factors in choosing the right reels for fly fishing

As with any fishing method, the target fish for fly fishing is a relevant aspect when choosing your fly reels and spare spools and rods. Whitefish and very small trout are fished with a fly reel of levels 0 to 3 from the overview. As a fly, use lightly sinking nymphs or dry flies. If you want to catch bigger fish, such as perch or large trout, equip your rods with fishing reels from line weight 4 to 6 and small to medium-weight flies weighted by you. Casting very small dry flies is harder with a large fly reel, but possible.

Suitable fly reel for fly fishing in the sea

If you want to successfully fish for zander and pike in saltwater, you need to buy fly reels in the shop, which are offered in classes 7 to 10 in various designs for your fly rods. With these, you can also transport a particularly heavy specimen out of the current. When buying your equipment and accessories for fly fishing in the sea, it is imperative that you make sure that all components are designed for saltwater. Reels larger than class 1.0 will allow you to fish even the largest salmon.

The Vosseler shop offers fly fishing rods from German manufacturers in various designs for left- and right-handers, for single- and double-handed fishing and for fresh and salt water. A top seller in the shop 2021 is the reel. Ultralite are fly reels made of aluminium. They are rustproof, light and robust and are available at a reasonable price in the shop. The offered reels do not only offer sufficient line capacity but also optimal braking capacity. Braking system is the term used to describe the drag. The weight of the rod and the fly reel, also the spare reels must be perfectly matched. Nevertheless, you should always have at least one spare reel at hand.

Free shipping from 200 euros

From an order value of 200 euros, Vosseler will pay the shipping costs within Germany. Your ordered replacement spool and other components for your equipment will be delivered to you promptly within a few working days. All products offered to you by the online shop specialising in fly fishing are available.

Our passion for fly fishing is infectious: Vosseler fly reels are perfectly handcrafted in Germany. Every fly reel you buy in our range is bought for life. In the large assortment you are guaranteed to find the fly reel model that is perfectly suited to you. You will find information on the intended use in the product description.

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