Fly reel manufacturer from Germany - Vosseler fly reels

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Fly reel manufacturer from Germany - Vosseler fly reels

Fly fishermen worldwide know and appreciate Vosseler fly reels. Manufacturer Vosseler has been producing unique reels since 2001. Anglers have to search a long time for fly fishing reels and other accessories from German manufacturers. Especially in the fly fishing sector, the market is scarce.

Vosseler fly reels - made in Germany

The company headquarters of fly reel manufacturer Vosseler is located in the Black Forest. Since 1992, the fly reel manufacturer founded by Ralf Vosseler has produced reels and reel parts for well-known manufacturers. During this time, Ralf Vosseler's desire to create something of his own grew. He wanted to implement his own ideas in the reels he made. Therefore, in 1995, the founder moved to a new company hall where more space was available. In 1999, the first designs were created. The first fly reel made in Germany was produced by the manufacturer in 2001. The passion for fly fishing can be felt in every reel made by this manufacturer.

Fly reel models of the manufacturer

The philosophy of this manufacturer is not to flood the market with fly reels, flies and accessories. Therefore, fewer models have been introduced to the market. These product series are the Air Two, Air One, Passion, DC2, EDC, Tryst, S, DC, RC-L and RC reels. More models of fly reels are planned for the future. The company also offers customer service and reel repair. Fly fishermen who buy a reel from this brand manufacturer can contact the renowned fly rod fly reel manufacturer directly.

TRYST reels are made from a mix of carbon and aluminium. This model offers the possibility to change the angle of the fly reel by moving the reel foot.

Rolls from the CD series are characterised by a beautiful design, first-class workmanship, high functionality and a very good price. Thanks to the wide range of variations, they are suitable for an abundance of line weight. The DC3 product is an excellent alternative to the Guideline IGMA 56.

The perfectly suitable reel is offered in the shop for every body of water and every target fish species. Relevant factors when choosing a fly reel are the weight, line weight and whether it is to be used for freshwater or saltwater fishing. You can also choose between products with and without a braking system. The braking system of all fly reels offered in the shop is finely adjustable. It is also characterised by a smooth, jerk-free start. This ensures that the leader of the fishing reels does not tear. All fly reels of the manufacturer comply with the AFFTA standard and therefore sit perfectly on the fly fishing rod and guarantee a perfect fly fishing experience.

Popular productse in the shop and outlet

A popular fly reel from this manufacturer is the DC2 fly reel. To date, it has convinced countless fly fishing fans with its suitability for everyday use and durability. To ensure the highest quality, the product assembly is carried out by the manufacturer himself. Upon customer request, Reels fly reels are also engraved. In addition to fly reels, replacement spools, the shop offers other products for tying flies and various high-quality fishing tackle. All reels are also manufactured in special colours upon customer request.

Delivery and shipping

All products offered in the shop are available. Shipping is safe, reliable and fast worldwide with DHL. From an order value of 200 euros, shipping within Germany is free of charge. If the order value is less than 200 euros, the shipping costs are 5.50 euros throughout Germany. It only takes a few days for the ordered products to reach the customer.

If you are interested in the products, please contact us.

Interested parties who have questions about the products offered and/or would like advice on choosing their new fly reel can contact the manufacturer Vosseler. Vosseler is always there for fly fishermen.