Fly reels of the brand Vosseler Made in Germany

Functional - Salt water resistant - Lightweight

Perfect workmanship - No vulnerable materials

100% Made in Germany

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Fly reels of the brand Vosseler Made in Germany

Fly fishing is a unique type of angling that is somewhat reminiscent of hunting. In contrast to raised angling, fly fishing involves constant movement in order to track down your prey and induce it to bite. A good fly reel is an important basic requirement to really enjoy this sport.

Vosseler fly reels: Quality Made in Germany

If you want to buy a fly reel, you should treat yourself to the best. If you speculate on cheap fly reel special offers, you will quickly be disappointed when fishing. The fly reel simply doesn't work as expected. With a Vosseler model, on the other hand, you always make a good buy.

Ralf Vosseler has been manufacturing high-quality fly reels in the Black Forest since 2001. This means that he offers some of the few pieces of fishing tackle that are still made in Germany today. Highest quality and precision are the focus of this manufacturer. The aim is to offer the angler a fly reel that makes fly fishing a special pleasure.

The perfect model for every use

A variety of fly reels are available from Vosseler. If you want to fish at the sea, a saltwater fly reel is recommended. Such reels are made of saltwater-resistant aluminium. In addition, the reel for sea fishing is characterised by a light disc brake system, which makes it perfectly suitable for sea fishing. Vosseler also offers high-quality freshwater fly reels made of durable aluminium. The king of reels at Vosseler is the Passion Carbon, which combines classic design with the latest technology. This reel is perfect for a range of fishing. It can be used for light grayling fishing just as well as for the tough fight when fishing for salmon. So this reel finds a wide range of uses and you only need one reel even if you are targeting different prey fish.

The spools and housings are available in different sizes. This allows you to choose the right model for different line weight. The line weight is crucial in fly fishing, as it gives the light lure the necessary weight.

Vosseler fly reels are a proven companion for the fly fisherman on any body of water. They can be used in streams and rivers as well as on lakes and special models are also suitable for saltwater fishing. If you want to buy such a reel, you should therefore first look at this manufacturer from the Black Forest.

Choosing the right fly reel

The large selection of fly reels from Vosseler makes it easy to find the perfect reel for your own purposes. You should always make sure that the reel you choose is a perfect match for your rod. In this way, the highest level of fishing comfort can be guaranteed. The manufacturer's models are high-quality and stable, but still lightweight. Weight is an important aspect when choosing fly reels. Since you always have the rod in your hand and in motion when fishing, a lightweight reel helps you to tire less quickly and have more fun with the sport.

Accessories for fly reels

Accessories for fly reels are also available from Vosseler. These include, for example, high-quality replacement spools. If you have spare spools, you have the option of using different fly lines. You can easily change from one line to another on the go without having to own several reels. Other accessories include reel bags, in which the reels can always be stored and transported.